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Tips on Promoting a Music Event

It is one thing to plan a music concert or a several-day music tour, and it is another one to attract a huge audience to make revenue that can make any business sense. Besides, the competition from other performing artists can make it challenging to generate enough hype since some use well-established agencies for marketing their concerts.

However, a musician can arrange a successful music tour and sell all the tickets before the performance dates. That way, they can be assured of enough revenue to cover the costs and make a reasonable profit. To start with, the artist can inform the target audience of the songs they will stage during the events to make them more interested. For example, the beyonce setlist for the tour to popularize her great single “Formation” won fans’ hearts.

Here are some tips on how musicians can promote their events for great success:

Engage Fans on Social Media

social platformsOne of the most vital tools for marketing live music events is social media, so you cannot escape it, whether you like it or not. According to a survey, most music lovers use social media to get to know about music events, and it emerged that 41% of fans use the platforms to find the activities for which they can buy tickets.

Besides discovering the events, fans use social media to get more information before buying tickets. Some of the details they seek include the event dates, the venue, and the ticket price options. Moreover, fans check social media to validate the amount they intend to pay to attend the artist’s live performance. While 55% of all fans use the social channels to find information about events, when we narrow down to Gen Z and Millennials, this shoots to 70%. As such, use shareable posts on social media to promote all your events and avail content on past events, and other things besides ticket prices.

Use Free Listing and the Press

Most music lovers check out event listing websites to find gigs to attend. Fortunately, these sites are free of charge. They include Gig List, Bands in Town, and others. You can also find the local listing sites and share your events by availing photos, videos, artwork, and other content but avoiding tons of writing. It would also help to approach local radio stations and newspapers, and most likely, they will be glad to share something about your events.

Use Physical Advertising

physical advertisingWhile most fans spend many hours online, the traditional methods still work. Such options as posters and billboards are great at reaching the local audience. You can pin up or paste concert posters in tons of strategic places with the permission of the premises’ owners. The best thing with physical ads is that they may not cost much except for printing and can remain pasted even after the event to act as memory pegs for long term impressions.…