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How to Reduce Wasted Google Ad Spend

Even though Google AdWords is one of the best Internet advertising systems that exist today, it is not without flaws. It is very easy to generate leads that don’t convert to sales!

Check Your Negative Keywords

keyword analysis textIn brief, negative keywords are a set of keywords that prevent your ads from showing up on the result page when a user type those words. The problem is that setting up the right negative keywords for your business can be tricky. For instance, let’s assume your company is specialized in renting a van or a truck for moving. You don’t want your ads to appear when keywords like ‘camper van’ or ‘van for sale’ are used on the search engine. 

However, as counterintuitive as it may sound, you’d better not determine your negative keywords in advance and stick with them forever. In the example above, the problem is pretty much clear-cut. But there are other types of industry with keywords that intersect with the ones from different fields. In that case, you will need a negative keyword tool and sharp eyes on watching your ads’ search query reports. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Bid on Search Terms

You may be convinced with the set of keywords you’ve chosen for your ads. But consider the possibility of them not giving you enough traffics. In that situation, you will be wasting your money on the ads. Therefore, try to bid on search terms that have high traffic first even though they hardly turn into conversions

Automate Your Tasks with Scripts

Scripts will help you a lot with advertising on Google because they can automate almost all tasks in ad monitoring, like split-testing ads, tracking score quality, bidding on keywords, and disabling ads for out-of-stock goods. If you launch only a few hundred ads, they may be still manageable manually, but once the number goes to thousands, you will have to learn how to use scripts effectively and efficiently. 

Optimize Your Ads for Mobile Search

mobile optimizationAlmost everyone has a smartphone these days. And among all tasks that those phones can do, searching for businesses on a search engine is the one relevant to our discussion. It will be a major loss if you don’t optimize your ads for mobile users, considering how versatile and convenient it will be to your potential consumers. 

One thing to note about AdWords is that consumer behaviors on laptop-based browsers are different from those who use mobile phones. For example, with a smartphone, it is not uncommon for users to put phone numbers on the search bar instead of keywords that are related to the service they are looking for. Therefore, make yourself acquainted with reading the stats from mobile-specific ad extensions.