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Tips on Promoting a Music Event

It is one thing to plan a music concert or a several-day music tour, and it is another one to attract a huge audience to make revenue that can make any business sense. Besides, the competition from other performing artists can make it challenging to generate enough hype since some use well-established agencies for marketing their concerts.

However, a musician can arrange a successful music tour and sell all the tickets before the performance dates. That way, they can be assured of enough revenue to cover the costs and make a reasonable profit. To start with, the artist can inform the target audience of the songs they will stage during the events to make them more interested. For example, the beyonce setlist for the tour to popularize her great single “Formation” won fans’ hearts.

Here are some tips on how musicians can promote their events for great success:

Engage Fans on Social Media

social platformsOne of the most vital tools for marketing live music events is social media, so you cannot escape it, whether you like it or not. According to a survey, most music lovers use social media to get to know about music events, and it emerged that 41% of fans use the platforms to find the activities for which they can buy tickets.

Besides discovering the events, fans use social media to get more information before buying tickets. Some of the details they seek include the event dates, the venue, and the ticket price options. Moreover, fans check social media to validate the amount they intend to pay to attend the artist’s live performance. While 55% of all fans use the social channels to find information about events, when we narrow down to Gen Z and Millennials, this shoots to 70%. As such, use shareable posts on social media to promote all your events and avail content on past events, and other things besides ticket prices.

Use Free Listing and the Press

Most music lovers check out event listing websites to find gigs to attend. Fortunately, these sites are free of charge. They include Gig List, Bands in Town, and others. You can also find the local listing sites and share your events by availing photos, videos, artwork, and other content but avoiding tons of writing. It would also help to approach local radio stations and newspapers, and most likely, they will be glad to share something about your events.

Use Physical Advertising

physical advertisingWhile most fans spend many hours online, the traditional methods still work. Such options as posters and billboards are great at reaching the local audience. You can pin up or paste concert posters in tons of strategic places with the permission of the premises’ owners. The best thing with physical ads is that they may not cost much except for printing and can remain pasted even after the event to act as memory pegs for long term impressions.…

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Web Design: How a Good Website Can Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Most businesses are utilizing the online space to reach out to millions of people who have access to the internet. One step they are taking is setting up websites where they showcase their profiles and advertise their services. Creating a website should not be the end of it all because there is a wide range of things you can do to boost your online visibility.

Search engine optimization is one popular way to go about this. It involves the use of different strategies that will help your website rank top in several search engines. Popular ones include the use of keywords, backlinks, and posting original content. Your website also plays an essential role in determining your search engine rankings. Hiring a good web design expert will help you come up with something that can boost your SEO results.

responsive websiteYou can reach out to web designers Edinburgh who will design your website perfectly. To get the right web designer, you can sample some of the designs they have done for other companies and tell whether they are the best for the job. You can also approach those who have had their websites designed by specific companies for referrals. Having a good website can boost your search engine rankings in several ways which include:

Quick Loading Speeds

One of the ranking factors in most search engines is your website’s loading speeds. A fast loading website creates a good user experience, which is vital in driving more traffic to your site. Conversion rates will also be higher if your website has fast loading speeds. You should look for a good developer to help you with this. You can also avoid heavy images and get rid of unimportant plugins.

Great User Experience

A good website creates a quality user experience. One thing that can make online users spend more time on your website is its appearance and navigation ease. They will have an easy time going through different pages and accessing your content. This is vital for your site’s rankings and also driving more traffic.

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More Social Sharing

Different people who visit your website are more likely to share it on their social media platforms because of the user experience they have had. This increases your site’s reach to so many people out there, and you are likely to get more traffic. You should work on your website to get the best SEO rankings.…


What Search Engine Optimization Means to Your Business

Creating a business website should not be the end of everything. You should do your best to push it and generate more traffic. Link sharing and search engine optimization are some of the things you can do. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular method that involves an array of strategies that can generate more traffic to your site and help you rank top in various search engines.

CMoney’s recent article on SEO has highlighted the four key steps to optimize your website. Having a fast loading website is a strategy that has not been listed on the piece. Fast loading websites create a smooth browsing experience, essential for reducing bounce rate. Bounce rate is the period one spends on your website. One is likely to spend more time browsing through different pages when you have proper loading speeds.

Look for a web developer who will help you come upSEO with a fast loading website. They should also be able to create a mobile-friendly version of your site to cater for the millions of people who browse using smartphones and tablets. Hiring a good SEO company will ensure some quality work is done on your website. Look for agencies that have carried out successful projects in the past. Search engine optimization can benefit your business in so many ways which include:

More Sales

The sales you make in your business are likely to go up if you carry out an effective search engine optimization campaign. This is because of the traffic you will get on your website. Many will visit your site and have an idea of what you are selling or the kind of services you offer. They will visit your actual shop and invite more people to experience your business or services.

Builds Reputation

Search engine optimization is likely to have a positive impact on the reputation of your business. Topping the searches of many out there will create an increased trust in your business. Many people will also visit your website and have an idea of what your company is all about. This helps to create trust.

Good for Competition

Competition is rife in the business world, especially in thisSEO digital age. You will be able to cope with the competition when you make good use of search engine optimization. This strategy gives you an edge over businesses that are yet to adopt some of these latest strategies in different activities.…


Essential Traits of a Good Digital Marketing Agency

Currently, we have a plethora of options to choose from in almost everything. Be it clothes or toothpaste or a job for that matter. However, when it comes to hiring the right digital marketing agency for the business, it becomes quite a task. Because the options are too much. It is essential to select the best one from the lot. Hiring JCan & Co agency is a wise decision when it comes to the investment of the company. It helps its clients gain more customers at an affordable price and provide easy traceable digital marketing strategies.
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Hiring the right digital marketing agency is essential because if something goes wrong, the results can cause a long-term loss. Thus, it is imperative to think wise before considering to hire “The One” out of top digital marketing agencies in the world. Here are common traits of top digital marketing agencies in the world, which will help you understand better. They include:

Great Communication Skills

The achievement of any organization lies in the way they communicate internally as well as externally. It also depends on how they are advertising your brand to the audience on social media platforms. Communication is said to be an integral part of marketing; if it is not there, it is time for you to look for other agencies in the market. The highest digital marketing agencies in the world know the importance of effective communication with clients. It is a necessary trait since it enables you to develop a more profound and long-lasting relationship with the agency.

Creativity at Par

Creativity is the synonym of digital marketing. The out the creative box campaigns makes the brand stand out from the competitors. A new and authentic idea will likely win a customer over compared to any other marketing skill. Spotting the latest trends and linking the business to that trend is what the leading digital marketing agencies in the world refer to as creativity.

Perfect Execution

Even if you have ideas popping up, then the execution should be done correctly. The majority of times, it is being seen that the theme of a campaign is good, but the performance fails. You cannot find faults in designing but also while boosting the promotion or post an advertisement in the social media arena. Even if the target market is not getting targeted appropriately, that leads to a failed execution of the campaign. The high-ranking digital marketing agencies in the world have an impeccable performance of every campaign they run. For you to analyze the performance part of these digital marketing agencies, the case studies are the best source for your research.…

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How to Reduce Wasted Google Ad Spend

Even though Google AdWords is one of the best Internet advertising systems that exist today, it is not without flaws. It is very easy to generate leads that don’t convert to sales! Therefore, if you don’t know how to Reduce wasted Google Ads spend, your marketing budget can just vanish into thin air. 

Check Your Negative Keywords

keyword analysis textIn brief, negative keywords are a set of keywords that prevent your ads from showing up on the result page when a user type those words. The problem is that setting up the right negative keywords for your business can be tricky. For instance, let’s assume your company is specialized in renting a van or a truck for moving. You don’t want your ads to appear when keywords like ‘camper van’ or ‘van for sale’ are used on the search engine. 

However, as counterintuitive as it may sound, you’d better not determine your negative keywords in advance and stick with them forever. In the example above, the problem is pretty much clear-cut. But there are other types of industry with keywords that intersect with the ones from different fields. In that case, you will need a negative keyword tool and sharp eyes on watching your ads’ search query reports. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Bid on Search Terms

You may be convinced with the set of keywords you’ve chosen for your ads. But consider the possibility of them not giving you enough traffics. In that situation, you will be wasting your money on the ads. Therefore, try to bid on search terms that have high traffic first even though they hardly turn into conversions

Automate Your Tasks with Scripts

Scripts will help you a lot with advertising on Google because they can automate almost all tasks in ad monitoring, like split-testing ads, tracking score quality, bidding on keywords, and disabling ads for out-of-stock goods. If you launch only a few hundred ads, they may be still manageable manually, but once the number goes to thousands, you will have to learn how to use scripts effectively and efficiently. 

Optimize Your Ads for Mobile Search

mobile optimizationAlmost everyone has a smartphone these days. And among all tasks that those phones can do, searching for businesses on a search engine is the one relevant to our discussion. It will be a major loss if you don’t optimize your ads for mobile users, considering how versatile and convenient it will be to your potential consumers. 

One thing to note about AdWords is that consumer behaviors on laptop-based browsers are different from those who use mobile phones. For example, with a smartphone, it is not uncommon for users to put phone numbers on the search bar instead of keywords that are related to the service they are looking for. Therefore, make yourself acquainted with reading the stats from mobile-specific ad extensions. 

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How to Convert Web Traffic Into Sales

Most businesses have set up websites to market their products and services to the broader online community. It is a great strategy that also promotes quality customer experience when buying your products or accessing some of your services. Apart from creating a good business website, you should work on improving its visibility in different search engines. This is possible through search engine optimization which involves the use of different strategies that generate traffic to your site. Using these strategies will help you rank top in various search engines.

You can implement some of the SEO strategies by yourself or look for experts who will help you with this task. Look for an individual or company that has been around for a long time. The strategies they have in place is the other thing that can help you tell whether they are suitable for the job. One thing most search engines will look into before ranking your website is the uniqueness of your content.

You need to make sure everything onwebsite traffic your web page is original to avoid getting penalized. Keywords should also be used in the right numbers. Several other strategies that can help boost your ranking and generate more traffic include the use of images, videos, and meta tags. There are several things you should do to make sure the traffic on your website translates into sales. They include:

Include Your Business Contacts

Including a contact number makes it easy for those visiting your page to access your business. They will reach out to you directly and require a few things like the actual location of your business or how they can access your services. Not including such contacts may make it difficult for them to reach out to you. You can also add your social networking accounts.

Pin Location

Pinning the location of your actual store on your website can help convert the traffic you get to sales easily. You can include the physical location of your shop through Google Maps on your site. Different people visiting your website will know the actual location of your shop quickly when you include it.

Simple Content

You should use simple language on your website. This makes it easy for different people who will be visiting to understand what you have to offer. Remember to include images or video that explains a lot about your business. You will record an increase in the number of people visiting your shop.…

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Influencer Marketing: Choosing the Right Person for the Job

The digital space is becoming one of the best marketing avenues for most businesses. This is because of how easy it is to reach out to a broader audience. A high number of people have access to the internet and also own devices that can be used to access the internet. Making good use of the online space can benefit your business. Creating a business website is one of the strategies you should try out.

You should look for a web designer who will come up with something that can help market your business. The other strategy to try out after creating a good business website is search engine optimization. This can help boost traffic to your site and generate more sales in your business. Look for a good SEO company that can help you in such a scenario. Social media is another avenue you can use to market your business.

A high number of people spend most of their time on different social networking sites. These platforms can impact influencer marketingyour business when you use them for your marketing campaigns. Hiring influencers to push your product or services can help you get the best results. These are people who can influence buying decisions among their followers. They could be celebrities or those who have a vast social media following. Getting the right person for the job will guarantee you quality results. Here is what to consider when choosing one.

Product Experience

Getting an influencer who has had the chance to use your products or services is one thing you need to put into consideration. They will have an easy time taking potential clients through your products or the services you have to offer. Most of their views will be out of their personal experience.


The amount a particular influencer is charging for their service is something else you need to consider. Look for someone who is charging reasonably for the service they are offering. You can also compare fees between different influencers to settle for one who falls within your budget.


social media influencer marketingGetting the right person for your marketing campaign will ensure everything turns out successful. You can gauge their level of expertise by having a look at their success rate in some of the campaigns they have carried out in the past. Find out one’s level of influence to determine whether they are suitable for the job.…